Life coaching



Life coaching is for all who would like some aspect of their lives, be it health, wealth, career, or relationships, to be different. Coaching offers the opportunity to achieve real, tangible, sustainable results that lead to more happiness and fulfillment.

Personal growth



Personal growth is about awareness of self and developing the ability to use our unique talents to live a satisfying life and have a positive impact on society. Personal growth is your gift to yourself, and your efforts build a toolkit of sorts that help you create a better life.

Transformational Life Coach



Positive thinking is not a Polly Anna approach to life. It is a learned skill that helps you control the most valuable real estate you will ever own – your mind. Positive thinking is looking at the situations and circumstances of your life in a positive way – from a "glass half full" viewpoint.

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Robin Volker



Who are you? I mean, who are you, really? It can seem that everyone has an idea of who you are supposed to be. Sometimes that fits with your own idea of you, and sometimes, it doesn't fit. I often ask my clients, "Who would you be and what would you do if there were no limits?"

Ministry Leadership Training



Robin Volker is an ordained Unity minister, passionate facilitator, inspirational speaker, and certified life coach. Robin helps congregants and clients design and manifest lives that are in harmony with their highest.

spiritual wisdom



Robin is a professional speaker who motivates, challenges, and delights audiences nationwide. Her unique blend of storytelling, spiritual wisdom, practical application, and natural stage presence makes her message of transformation one that is in high demand

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